What is Sincerity?

  • Some of the righteous of the past mentioned that sincerity is that you ask no one to witness your deeds except Allah!
  • Others said that sincerity is when one remains blind to his own good deeds.
  • Others mentioned that sincerity is when one’s outward actions conform to one’s inward thoughts.
  • Others said that sincerity is a secret which Allah placed in the hearts of those whom He loves!

How difficult it is to remain sincere!

Tadabbur (pondering) During the Salaah

Ibn Taymiyyah (rh) said, if a person concentrates too much on tajweed during the prayer, they are missing the primary purpose! Tadabbur!

Look at Your Own Deficiencies

Bakr bin Abdullah al Muzzani said, if you come across a person who knows other’s deficiencies and has forgotten his own, know that he is being plotted against.

Let us try our best to busy ourselves with our own faults and weaknesses whilst making excuses for others.

Having Lofty Goals

Ibn al Jawzi (rh) mentioned that he read over 20,000 books, would finish the Qur’an every week and would advise his son to pray two Juz a night for Qiyaam ul Layl. Over 100,000 repented due to his reminders and sermons.

He would say that he wanted to master every Islamic science and write over a thousand books, according to Ibn Taymiyyah (rh).

Pay Attention to Your Heart

Ibn Rajab (rh) mentioned, that which raised the people of the past wasn’t their outward actions only, rather the attention they paid to their heart. Sometimes it’s a feeling, sometimes it’s something which can’t be read and learned through books but the main thing is spending time on it and working out one’s heart.

Don’t Belittle Even the Smallest Deed

They said: “If a man comes (into the masjid) and the Imam is in Sajdah, then he should (join) him in the Sajdah even though that rak’ah doesn’t count (for him).”

Some said: “Perhaps he doesn’t raise his head up from the Sajdah except that he is forgiven (due to that sajdah).!”

[Ibn Qudamah (rh)]

*Note:* Joining the Imam in his Sajdah is recommended.