Having Good Intentions

Remember to try and do something at all times and have a good intention while doing it.

This takes years to master as the people of the past mentioned that they would seek reward even from their sleep, their eating and their drinking!

They also said it was the most difficult thing to be worked on as it always flips on a person.

What intentions can a person make when they sleep?

  • To rest the body to have enough energy to pray qiyam.
  • To wake up for Fajr on time to go to the musjid and pray in jamaat.
  • To carry out your responsibilities as a son, father, husband and so on.

Your first intention must always be to please Allah (swt), then to follow the Sunnah and then the rest.

Any action done without these conditions or done as a habit without an intention isn’t going to be accepted and Allah knows best.


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