Lofty Goals

As Muslims, we have become very narrow minded and have set very basic goals, which although noble in and of themselves, were never the goals of the people of the past such as learning Arabic, memorising the Qur’an and so on. These were things which were taken as a given in their times.

Rather they would set lofty goals which would benefit the Ummah and leave a great legacy such as Umar bin Abdul Aziz (ra) who was asked, what do you wish for? He said, I wanted to be a governor and became one, I wanted to marry a caliph’s daughter and I did and I want to become the caliph, and he did!! We don’t need to aspire for his goals, but we need to think what we can do for our Hereafter! Rather than just lining up our pockets and just completing our obligations and that’s it!!


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