Relationship With Allah

The way a person is reflects their own relationship with Allah and following the Sunnah.

For example, would a person go to work without brushing their teeth? So how can one go to the musjid with their disgusting morning breath?! The Prophet (saw) would be very keen to clean his mouth at all times and before he (saw) entered the house he would clean his mouth with siwaak.

Another example – There are 2 parking spaces, rather than parking one’s car in as much as possible the person parks in a way that takes two spaces. This shows a lot about that person. The Prophet (saw) would never harm anyone to the extent that removing something harmful from the pathways is from the branches of emaan!

In the Sahih a man was enjoying himself in Jannah because of removing harmful things from the pathway!

So pay attention to everything you do as it reflects your love and care of Allah and His Messenger (saw).


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