What is Ujb?

It’s from the major sins and worse than zina and stealing etc as mentioned by a big scholar of the past.

It can actually destroy a person and it affects many!

It’s like self admiration, being amazed with something one has or one does. This can happen very easily.

Some effects of Ujb:

  1. Blindness of their own shortcomings.
  2. Proud of their good deeds. They feel they are doing Allah a favour.
  3. Feel they have a lofty status.
  4. Don’t ask the people of ilm questions.
  5. Reliant upon themselves, very little consultation.
  6. Can be due to knowledge, intelligence, well spoken, well to do in writing, lineage, family, status etc.

Causes of Ujb:

  1. Unaware they are the servant of Allah and of their weakness.
  2. Exaggeration in praising a person.
  3. Comparing themselves to those lower than them.
  4. How they were raised, raised to be full of themselves.
  5. Take advantage of their qualities such as beauty, lineage etc. Thank Allah if you have been given blessings.
  6. Going overboard in respect for others.
  7. No-one to advise them and no attempt made to find someone to advise them.
  8. Happy hearing shortfalls of others. Thank Allah that you didn’t fall into that .

This process must be used with all sins and especially the sins of the heart. Firstly, acknowledging that there’s an issue, diagnosing it and then trying to find cures. But if one can’t acknowledge it and makes excuses for it, how will it be removed!?

For example, they don’t know something in the religion and rather than asking those that know, they think they are capable of doing it themselves and have no need for those who are more experienced.

One of the people of the past said, how can a person be amazed with himself as he is the dirty water of 2 private parts! And a scholar of the past would say to himself, that he is a nothing, a no one! And the Prophet (saw) said, no one is humble for the sake of Allah except that Allah raises him.

Treatment for Ujb:

  1. Think of your sins. How can someone with so many sins think so much of himself!
  2. Think of all your weaknesses.
  3. If you are amazed with something, think of the opposite. For example, your knowledge then think of your ignorance.
  4. To be humble.

A scholar of the past said, a person can become arrogant when seeking knowledge because their insides are filthy (due to sins).

That’s why emphasise is given to cleaning your insides first because if you haven’t then it’ll cause a lot of problems as you’re learning.

A lay person needs to ask their questions to a person of knowledge who is qualified, has good character and is morally upright and someone who is accessible.

Prevention is always better than a cure especially with sins and diseases of the heart.

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