Bad Habits

If a person has a habit like playing games or watching TV or spending excessive amounts of time on the Internet, what do we say about this? And if a person wants to stop this habit, what would we advise?

We say things of this kind have no benefit and are a time waste. They don’t bring us closer to Allah. Allah has put a strong emphasis on time by swearing by time and anything Allah swears by is an extremely important matter.

Advice to stop this habit is to make du’a to Allah to help you get rid of this habit and for that person to take steps to get rid of that habit. For example if it’s games or films, to get rid of them. If it’s too much time spent on the Internet then to reduce the amount of time you spend on it. It’s equally important to replace the habit with something else otherwise you crave it and go back to the habit.

If someone thinks this is extreme then think of it from a common sense point of view. An hour a day minimum on games for example. Who spends that much time worshiping Allah?

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