Not Following One’s Desires

Remember, for a student of knowledge, it’s vital that they follow a Madhab at the beginning of their studies in order to have a firm ground.

However, the issue arises when some begin to follow the odd views of each Madhab when something doesn’t follow their desires.

There were thousands of great scholars and none is always right and once in a while, they might have a strange view, following these odd views show a person is following their desires and this is a disease of the heart.

A scholar of the past said music is allowed with conditions. So people are very quick to quote him and support this but in reality they don’t follow anything else from him! As he was dhaahiri and they give everything its literal meaning which means many Sunnan would become obligatory.

Be consistent and don’t follow your desires, as the ulema say the one who follows the slip ups of the scholars of the past, could be misguided and could leave the religion!


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