Reminder About Death

The following was narrated to us by one of our sheikhs.

There was a taxi driver and he would drive around in Riyadh. He picked up 3 boys and it was salaah time so they stopped at a gas station to pray.

As he got ready he asked them to pray but they said they don’t pray!

He encouraged them and they all said ok.

When he finished the salaah, 3 of the 4 finished but one was still in sujood. They thought he was playing, and said to him, you don’t pray and now you’ve become religious. They checked and realised he had died.

One of the boys was crying profusely, so the taxi driver tried to console him and he said that it was his older brother and he hadn’t prayed salaah in 15 years.

What we learn from this:

  • Always encourage people to do good
  • Be gentle
  • Allah wants good for everyone
  • You don’t know how you’re going to die.

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