Moving The Finger In Prayer

A scholar of the past said in ‘al-Majmu” (3/398):

“And should one move his finger when lifting it to point with it? There are several opinions on this. The correct one – which is the clear opinion of the majority of scholars – is that one should not move his finger, and if he does happen to move it, this is makruh and does not nullify his prayer due to it being a minor movement. The second opinion is that it is haram to move his finger, and his prayer is nullified if he moves it…and this is a weak opinion. The third opinion is that it is mustahabb to move it, and their proof for this is the hadith of Wa’il bin Hujr in which he described the Messenger of Allah as placing his hands in the tashahhud, saying: “Then, he would raise his finger, and I saw him moving it to make supplications.” This was reported by al-Bayhaqi with an authentic chain, and al-Bayhaqi said: “It is possible that what is meant by ‘moving it’ is that he lifted it up to point with it, not that he would move it repeatedly.””

Another scholar of the past said in ‘al-Mughni’ (1/524):

“…One should point with his index finger upon mentioning Allah in the tashahhud due to what we have narrated, and he should not move it.”

A scholar of the past said in ‘Hidayat ar-Raghib li Sharh ‘Umdat at-Talib’ (p. 126):

“…So, he should raise his finger without moving it around in the tashahhud and while supplicating in his prayer…”

A scholar of the past said in ‘al-Muhalla’ (4/151):

“And we prefer that when the one in prayer sits for the tashahhud, he points with his finger and does not move it.”

The narrator that said moving the finger actually contradicted 13 other narrators of the same narration who said don’t move it.


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