Manners With A Sheikh

Make sure the person is a sheikh and knows what he’s teaching. Not a beginner or self studied, although you still show respect to them. Nor someone who has a title like mufti or mawlana! Titles mean nothing! Check his reality!

  • Treat him with love, respect and honour
  • Don’t talk over him
  • Make du’a before asking questions
  • If he makes a mistake, rectify him in private
  • As a scholar of the past quotes on his sheikh, the biological father is the father of the body, the sheikh is the father of the soul, meaning spiritually.
  • Carry their books for them
  • Be humble with them
  • Serve them
  • Spend on them
  • It’s shocking to see students not spending on their sheikhs. This is the least one can do for someone teaching them how to save themselves from the fire!
  • Follow his advice in his expertise
  • Consult in him and ask him for advice in things he knows
  • Protect his honour
  • Always always make du’a for him. Imam Ahmad (rh) made du’a for al Shafi’ee (rh) for 30 years!
  • Don’t make silly noises in front of him like clearing the throat constantly
  • Call him sheikh if he is one (and don’t call those that are not sheikhs sheikh!)

Remember the people of the pastwould say we spend 30 years on adab and 20 years on Ilm.


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