Your Good Deeds Will Lead You To Jannah

يوم نحشر المتقين الى الرحمن وفدا

Some of the ulema mention that on the Last Day, when people are resurrected, a person will greet the pious man and he will have a beautiful face and smell. The pious man will ask, who are you?  The man will reply, I am your good deeds. I rode on you in the dunya, now you will ride on me in the aakhirah. He will climb on the back of this man, who is his good deeds, and he will take him all the way to Jannah.

The scholars said people will either be walking on their faces, normally on their feet and those that never touch the ground! They are on mounts and carried from one stage of the aakhirah to the next!

So وفدا here means on mounts.

Ali (ra) said, they will be on mounts unseen, mounts covered in gold until they knock on the gates of Jannah.

May Allah make us from those that are on mounts in the aakhirah!!

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