Knowledge Is Not Just About Studying

A person doesn’t become a giant in the Islamic sciences just by studying books. It must be combined with:

  • Action. Meaning a large amount of ibaadah
  • Good character
  • Patience
  • Yaqeen
  • Mastering the books
  • Having a good methodology
  • Spending a lot of time
  • Spending money

An example is a sheikh who read Bukhaari everyday and finished it in ten days. That is 7,300 narrations. He is living now in our times! Another sheikh memorised the Qur’an in 8 months. Another sheikh from Morocco memorised 10,000 narrations by the age of 15.

They are all alive right now and all are tested in some way and have good character and so on.

We ask Allah for sincerity and acceptance.

What can we understand and implement from the above?

That gaining knowledge is not just about reading books but is also about implementing what you have learnt and turning it into action. It takes patience and doesn’t happen overnight.

That you can’t learn on your own. You need experienced teachers. You need guidance as any lay person can pick a book up and read but to extract the gems within you need someone who knows.


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