Never Judge and Always Work on Your Heart

Do we judge a Muslim who drinks alcohol?

A brother drinking alcohol is from the major sins; yet he may love Allah and perform many righteous actions as per the Sahaabi who would drink and get punished. Yet we are told this person loves Allah and His Messenger! Drinking alcohol might be his weakness.

Someone may not drink alcohol but he may have ujb (self amazement) or jealousy which are far more dangerous!

What about a teacher who takes money for passing on knowledge?

The teacher not taking money doesn’t mean he is being sincere at all! There is no link! He might be teaching so people say “Wow, Mashaa Allah tabaarkAllah, he teaches and doesn’t take money!” However, someone may take money to survive financially but he has a lot more sincerity!!

Never look down on others. A brother might have a weakness in public but you might have dozens of weaknesses far worse in your heart. For example, a person may have a beard yet he has a heart full of jealousy and love for fame and wanting to be known.

How important it is to read and learn about the heart.

We are not belittling sins and we still hate those sins but rather we need people to start looking at things from different angles.

How hard it is to work on sincerity.

Always accuse your intentions.


3 thoughts on “Never Judge and Always Work on Your Heart

  1. A very important post, jazaakum Allah khayr! And very true as well subhaan Allah. May Allah grant us wisdom and understanding, ameen.


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