Striving To Learn Knowledge By Giving It Time

A person won’t really have a good understanding of a science until he lives with it: Meaning he studies, revises, reads and learns with it. And this is at the very least 3-4 years before he gains some sort of decent understanding. So please struggle hard and be patient on your talab.

For example, one sheikh has read al fiyyat of Ibn Malik and its explanation on sheikhs maybe 4-5 times. That’s 3-4 volumes of hundreds of pages on grammar!!!

Sheikh Yahya read al Bukhari maybe 150 times.

One of the shuyookh of Mauritania studied for 20 years then was called sheikh and had understanding.

So let us stop being hasty insha’Allah and take our time and really try hard, as this is one of the paths of Jannah so obviously it requires effort!

As for those who say we have this or that, family, work and so on then it’s possible this path isn’t for you and it might suffice to learn the basics. But remember that those that Allah wants good for He grants them understanding of the religion!


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