Benefits of Eating Less

Khateeb al Baghdadi mentions that times of hunger are better for memorisation than times of being full. Some, when they are hungry, don’t memorise but for the one who wishes to memorise the most, and he’s hungry, takes a very light snack and continues. He mentioned taking a bit of pomegranate. One doesn’t eat too much food!

Ibn Jamaah (rh) mentions that eating and drinking means drinking too much leads to sleeping too much, being lazy in one’s thoughts and body and having dulled senses.

Some mentioned it leads to more desires too.

The one who controls his stomach will be able to:

  • Cry more easily for the sake of Allah
  • Memorise better
  • Think more clearly
  • Control his desire.

We need to work on this a lot SubhanAllah. It’s even narrated on the Sahaaba in the saheeh that some of them would fast most of the year!! Yet we fill our stomachs and over eat almost daily! Even when a person fasts they have a huge iftaar to make up for their fast!

This is in addition to being careful what a person eats. A person may eat a little but it’s all junk food or oil. The people of the past would watch this too. Everything in moderation.


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