To Recite The Qur’an Only or Contemplate Also?

What is better, to recite Qur’an more or recite less but with more contemplation?

To summarise a long topic, there is a difference of opinion in this. There are 2 views on Imam Ahmad (rh) himself.

Ibn Rajab (rh) combines by saying the people of the past would have two wirds:

  1. One for contemplation.
  2. One for reciting and getting the reward for each letter.

So in this case, what do we do where it says the Prophet (saw) did one thing sometimes and other times he did something else?

We should try doing both, first doing the Sunnah the Prophet (saw) did the most and then the other Sunnah.

Both can be done at different times and this is the view of Sheikh ul Islam.

For example, there are many authentic narrations about what to recite at the beginning of the prayer, we can recite them at different times.


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