Things a Person Notices From Mashaayikh

  • Some Sheikhs are old and act as if they are students in their eagerness to learn. They even send their answers / research to other mashaayikh to get their approval.
  • They spend every living second on knowledge: they eat little so they can study more, they text and read messages about knowledge, they are never seen except there is a book in their hand!
  • They go against their desires a lot even in things which aren’t haraam. If they are asked what they want to eat they may say something and then later on go against that and refrain from eating that food.
  • Some are even of the view that if there is a chance of meeting a Sheikh, they will stay up with the Sheikh the whole night and miss their night prayer for that night as Imam Ahmad (Rahimahullah) did with Yahya ibn Maeen (Rahimahullah).
  • Some have 25,000 followers on Twitter, which although not a lot, in reality is huge especially for some of our Sheikhs in Morocco who have been banned from giving classes in Musjids for 15 plus years!
  • Some Sheikhs have reached an extremely high level but are not famous at all. For example, they have mastered Arabic and it’s 10 plus sciences, Hadith, Usool and even know the art of giving a khutba!

The point of all this is showing the lofty status of seeking knowledge in Islam!


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