The Standing and Sujood of Prayer

Shaykh ul Islam (rh) mentions in Fatawaa al-Kubra that the standing and sujood are equal because of the clear Hadith in the Saheeh which mentions, the best Salaah is the one with the longest qiyaam.

A Hadith in the Saheeh, that the closest one is to Allah is in sujood so suplicate much therein. The recital of the Qur’an is better than du’a and dhikr but the sujood position itself is better than the standing position itself so he viewed them both as equal!

As a side point, the human being is prone to becoming bored so change your routines, meaning if you pray Qiyaam, do 2 by 2 and then the Witr. The next time you pray Qiyaam increase and decrease, make different du’as in the Salaah, different du’as in rukooh, sujood and this is all from the Sunnah so a person should vary. A person may become tired or bored of the same thing and leave it!

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