What Does Afuww (Name of Allah) Mean?

What is the meaning of afuww in the famous du’a we all read for laylatul Qadr?

  • It has a number meanings linguistically:
  • To intend to take something
  • For something to be from good
  • To increase
  • Remove and erase

It is from the Names of Allah and it means to remove something and overlook it and its effects. Allah loves this for His slaves and He loves if they overlook and forgive each other too without remembering all the bad things someone has done to them and the Prophet (saw) would say that he seeks refuge from Allah in his afuww (pardoning and overlooking) from His Punishment!

It also says that Allah, being al Afuww, erases the sins and its effects from your records!

Some of the people of the past would say that Allah tests His beloved slaves with certain sins in order that He may pardon and overlook their sins as He loves afuww so much.

Therefore, the sinner when he hears how much Allah Pardons and overlooks, he has hope and were it not for this Name of Allah, many of them would lose complete hope and their hearts would crumble!

So, the Prophet (saw) taught A’aisha (ra) this du’a with afuww, as the believer strives hard in the last 10 nights of Ramadaan, because after this striving, we must acknowledge and realise we are nothing, useless and our Ibaadah is deficient so the righteous slave who strives hard returns to seeking the afuww of Allah just as the sinful slave also returns to the afuww of Allah!

Some of the people of the past would say in their du’a, oh Allah be pleased with us and if you are not pleased with us then overlook our errors and flaws!


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