Why Study One Madhab and Have Only One Teacher at First?

  • What is the purpose of following a madhab and sticking to one in the initial stages of seeking knowledge?
  • Why is it better to only have one teacher at the beginning?

We follow a madhab to have structure in learning.

We stick to one madhab initially because there are many different opinions and learning about more than one, in the beginning, can become confusing. It is learning about the basic opinions of the masters of the madhab.

Having more than 1 teacher at the beginning can confuse the student and they won’t get the most from their teacher as they will be splitting their time between them. It also depends on the structure of each teacher; they will be different and this will make it even more confusing for the student.

It’s strange to see those that try to study many madhabs at the beginning, or they say we follow the Qur’an and the Sunnah only and no madhab!


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