A Golden Example in Patience

Prophet Yusuf (peace be upon him) had many opportunities made available to him to commit adultery but didn’t. For example:

1. He was a young man. Being in your youth is a strong cause for committing adultery.
2. He was single and had no way to discharge his libido (sexual desire).
3. He was a foreigner. It is known that a foreigner is not ashamed in the country of alienation, contrarily to his existence in his homeland, where he would be ashamed among his friends and acquaintances.
4. He was a slave, sold cheaply for a few dirhams (silver coins). The restraint of a slave is not like that of the free person.
5. The woman who seduced him was beautiful.
6. The woman had a high position.
7. She was his owner.
8. There was no watcher.
9. She had dressed up especially for him.
10. She had closed the doors.
11. It was she who tried to seduce him.
12. She was very keen (tried very hard) in seducing him.
13. She threatened him. If he did not do what she commanded him she would humiliate him.

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