A Different Approach to Studying Books

Some teachers have an interesting way of teaching: they teach few books, depending on the science, but go through it in two or three different ways; beginner, intermediate and advanced. This saves the student going through many different books.

A mistake many students make is going through loads and loads of books and not actually mastering them. Meaning, they complete the book, move on and don’t research masaa’il or refine their notes.

This then becomes a question of ikhlaas: why does a person want to cover so many books? To show the people what and how much he has studied or to teach the people?

We can definitely benefit from this approach in Uloom al ‘alaa (the secondary sciences) which are used to master other main sciences from them; Nahw, Usool and so on.

For example, in Nahw one could do al-Ajrumiyyah on two or three levels and then move straight to al-Fiyya if they have mastered al-Ajrumiyyah.


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