What is in Our Hearts?

الا من أتى الله بقلب سليم

“Except for those who meet Allah with a clean heart.” (Qur’an 26:89)

Some of the people of the past, when commenting on this Verse, mentioned it’s for the one who meets Allah and there is no one in his heart except Allah.

This means freeing ourselves from loving ourselves, loving worldly wealth and amassing it, freeing our hearts from envy and pride and cleaning it all out and filling it with the love of Allah.

Some of them also said, to worship Allah with a mustard seed of love is more beloved to Allah than 70 years’ worship with no love.

This means doing acts of worship with a sound heart full of love of Allah and free of diseases is far superior than the one who just does actions out of habit.

Let’s clean our hearts of hatred, envy, desires, money, arrogance and the rest and fill it with the love of Allah.


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