Ramadaan Series {Day 3} – Being Generous in the Month of Ramadaan

The Prophet (saw) was the most generous of people in giving charity, but he was even more generous during the month of Ramadaan. He was more generous and faster in giving charity than a blowing wind.

Anas (ra) narrated that the Prophet (saw) said: “The best charity is the one given during Ramadan.”


Charity is not limited to giving money.

  • It is also helping another person in their time of need
  • Donating what is beloved to you for the sake of Allah
  • Designating a dwelling place (depending on your profession) to one who can’t afford it
  • Smiling at your brother
  • Helping your family with the chores
  • Mending the ties of kinship
  • Teaching your family about Islam
  • Helping to lay out the food just before breaking the fast (at the musjid, at home or anywhere else you may be)

This month is an excellent opportunity for us all to gain an immense amount of reward, with the correct intention of pleasing Allah, from every day tasks that we normally do.

Set yourself a target of doing a minimum of one charity every single day, without fail, for the entire month of Ramadaan.


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