Speak to the People About What They Understand

َقَالَ عَلِيٌّ حَدِّثُوا النَّاسَ بِمَا يَعْرِفُونَ أَتُحِبُّونَ أَنْ يُكَذَّبَ اللَّهُ وَرَسُولُهُ

In Sahih al Bukhari, Ali (ra) mentioned speaking to the people about what they understand. Would you like for Allah and His Messenger to be rejected?

Based on this, Ahmad (rh) would dislike talking about revolting against the rulers, Maalik (rh) would dislike talking about certain topics in detail and even some of the Sahaaba would refrain from mentioning certain things.

What We Learn:

  • Just because you learnt something doesn’t mean you have to tell everyone. This is not considered withholding knowledge, rather you are protecting othes from that which they don’t understand.
  • Be careful what you say and to whome.
  • It shows a lack of wisdom and could even be a disease that a person starts mentioning strange things or things rarely mentioned in front of the people and the people become confused.
  • It could be showing off.

And Allah Knows Best.


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