How to Help Our Children

The following are areas you can work on with the young children in your life; children, nephews, nieces, cousins, during their holidays. Not only will they benefit from this tarbiya but you will also benefit.

  1. Ask them why they are Muslim. Some will say because their parents are Muslim. This isn’t sufficient. We need to teach them that Islam is the best way. By doing this and giving examples through stories found in the Qur’an, it’ll help their faith not to be rattled by the slightest thing.

After achieving this, then move on to:

  1. Salaah: Give meaning to it. Think about it from a spiritual perspective. Give your young ones examples of how the salaah helps you become spiritually fulfilled.
  2. Quran: Explain to your children that it’s not just about recitation but also understanding. Again, explain how the Qur’an can spiritually fulfil you.

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