This website has been created to pass on useful Islamic knowledge to help us become better Muslims. Reminders are key to help keep us focused and motivated on our goals especially with seeking knowledge.

This blog is also for those who seem lost and need help in finding their way. We all sin, go through hardships and make mistakes but inshaAllah, by reminding ourselves often and helping each other, we can become better and get back on the right path.

To be entirely honest, we ourselves are in need of reminders and improvement hence a blog where we can store all our thoughts, ideas and feelings hoping that others may find them useful too.

Most of these reminders were heard directly from scholars or been sent by scholars and kept as messages and so on.

We hope that by posting these here, we can remind ourselves first and foremost and others of the amazing bounties associated with seeking knowledge and continue to further improve ourselves as students, seeking Jannah!

The people running this website are students of knowledge, alhumdulillah, who have sought knowledge in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Morocco along with students of knowledge and scholars from other parts of the world mashaaAllah tabaarkAllah.

We are Hanbali in Fiqh, Sunni in Aqeedah but have studied with teachers from all 4 madhabs. We do not claim we are correct all the time and are always open to suggestions and corrections for our mistakes.

If anyone needs advice or help please feel free to ask inshaAllah by using the following e-mail address:

E-mail: islamicgemsforstudents@hotmail.com

And success alone lies with Allah.

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