Making Tawbah Immediately After Committing Sin

Try to make tawbah immediately after any sin you commit.


The Importance of Documenting Ideas

Try your best to spend more time thinking, even if for ten minutes, about your weaknesses, thoughts and ideas. They must be written down and documented so you can return to them.

Du’a to Make When Struggling to Raise Children

Make the following du’a when you are struggling with raising children:

وعن الفضيل قال: اللهم إني أجتهدتُ أن أؤذّب عليّاً، فلم أقدر على تأديبه فأدبه أنت لي.

This du’a was made by Al-Fudayl ibn ‘Iyaad when he was struggling with raising his son. It is said that he became an amazing son after this du’a.

Oh Allah, I struggled to rectify my son Ali, and I’m not able to train him or raise him as I want. Oh Allah, you raise him and make him righteous for me.

Seek Blessings from Allah to Avoid Envy

Seek blessings from Allah when you see something that amazes you, whether it is from yourself or others.

Your inability to seek blessings from Allah when you see someone doing well or having a blessing, can indicate envy in your heart.

This usually occurs with people in the same field; seeking knowledge, profession or even with children.

Make du’a for the person instead and cleanse your heart from this jealousy.

Having Private Time with Allah

Try to spend at least ten minutes (at first) a day reading about the next life, the heart, and other beneficial topics for the heart. Doing this is extremely valuable for our hearts which are full of diseases; loving worldly things too much, hardness of the heart, filthy desires and arrogance.

Start today and have some private time with Allah. The Prophet (saw) would also do this.

Focus on Your Heart

How many of us put emphasise on our exterior whilst totally neglecting the interior! Our hearts are full of jealousy, envy, arrogance and self amazement! The heart is a Science just like studying Fiqh, Usool, Hadith and others. Yet, how few of us study the heart in our times!

Some scholars have said that studying the heart is a lost science! Few teach it and from them, even fewer know it themselves.

Knowledge Necessitates an Increase in Worship

“It is a grave mistake for a person to gain knowledge, and not increase in worship. Ibn Kathir (rh) said, ‘I do not know of anybody in this day and age who would worship Allah more than Ibn al-Qayyim. For this reason, his knowledge remained.

Shaykhul Islam ibn Tayymiyah (rh) would sit after Fajr doing dhikr until the sun had risen high, approximately four hours.

Every student who wants his name (legacy) to remain after his demise, should worship Allah. Through your attachment and worship of Allah, He will bless your knowledge after your death accordingly. Otherwise, your knowledge will end in the grave.”