The Importance of Documenting Ideas

Try your best to spend more time thinking, even if for ten minutes, about your weaknesses, thoughts and ideas. They must be written down and documented so you can return to them.

Never be Content with Oneself

One of the greatest deficiencies of the self is to be pleased with oneself and content with oneself. One of the righteous of the past said, someone who doesn’t accuse himself at all times, and doesn’t go against his desires, has been misled.

The one who looks at himself and his actions and is pleased and sees no room for improvement, then he has destroyed himself.

Improve Yourself Every Day

Every day is a fresh challenge to get closer to Allah. The day you think you’ve done enough or are doing enough is the day you have destroyed yourself. When can we ever do enough for Allah?!

Try to improve something everyday whether it’s how you talk to people, your concentration in salaah, praying Sunnah prayers and so on.

Make today better than yesterday!

Putting More Effort on the Interior than the Exterior

Ali (ra) said, whoevers exterior is given more effort than their interior, his scales will be light on the last Day and whoevers interior is given more effort than their exterior, will have heavy scales on the Last Day.

Meaning, a person needs to clean their heart as everyone has a past and remnants of it such as arrogance, pride, showing off, boasting and so on and these are from the greatest of sins!

Look at Your Own Deficiencies

Bakr bin Abdullah al Muzzani said, if you come across a person who knows other’s deficiencies and has forgotten his own, know that he is being plotted against.

Let us try our best to busy ourselves with our own faults and weaknesses whilst making excuses for others.