A Righteous and Jaahil Person

One of the people of the past said, the righteous and intelligent person is the one who perfects his faraaid and a jaahil is the one who gives precedence to the optional actions and fadaail over the obligatory actions.

For example, a person prays a very long qiyam al layl and misses the Fajr prayer or prays his Fajr at home even though he lives close to the Musjid.


Acts of Worship A Student of Knowledge Should Be Doing

Praying at least Fajr and Esha in the musjid

Doing morning and afternoon adkhar

Adkhar before sleep

Memorise the book of Allah

Constantly doing dhikr; including lots of istighfar

Pray Duha

Portion of the night prayer whether before or after sleep

Praying Sunnah prayers

These are just some of the ibaadaat a person should be doing. These are basic actions that even a pious Muslim should be doing.