What is Gratitude?

Sufyan al-Thawri (ra) said, gratitude to Allah is avoiding what Allah forbade.

Some said that it is thanking Allah in good times and that patience with trials is Zuhd.

Some of them said that blessings continue as long as you thank Allah and they disappear when you are ungrateful.

Umar bin abdul Aziz said, remembering blessings is considered as being grateful for them.

Be grateful to the King with your tongue and your acts of worship and avoid what He has forbidden so that we may be grateful to Him.


Blessings Taken Away

Remember that if a blessing has been taken away, and you find you can’t do something you used to do easily, it’s because of your sins.

Preserve Your Blessings

Remember, if a person has blessings, they don’t need to share these blessings with everyone! Otherwise they might be afflicted with evil eye. Choose which things to say and who you say them in front of. If it’s a teacher then it’s generally okay insha’Allah but in front of people you don’t know, a person should be careful how they word things. There is a weak narration on the topic which mentions to preserve upon your blessings by concealing them.