Ramadaan Series {Day 16} – Saying Mashaa’Allah Tabaarak’Allah

It’s basic etiquette to say mashaa’Allah tabaark’Allah if we see or hear of something amazing or impressive. When saying it say it loudly and don’t mumble it, as it makes a person wonder if one said it or is finding it difficult to say.

We should be happy for others and this shows our clean hearts and we should also teach our households this including our spouses and children from a young age.

This includes everything from someone’s house, something someone has achieved, getting married, finding a job, finishing their hifdh, having a ring on, a new shirt, their looking nice and so on.

Seek Blessings from Allah to Avoid Envy

Seek blessings from Allah when you see something that amazes you, whether it is from yourself or others.

Your inability to seek blessings from Allah when you see someone doing well or having a blessing, can indicate envy in your heart.

This usually occurs with people in the same field; seeking knowledge, profession or even with children.

Make du’a for the person instead and cleanse your heart from this jealousy.

Being Grateful for Our Blessings

  • Acknowledge your blessings
  • Thank Allah for them
  • Use them in obedience to Allah

Remember, if you don’t use your blessings in obedience to Allah or don’t thank Allah, then it’s possible they’ll be taken away.

What is Gratitude?

Sufyan al-Thawri (ra) said, gratitude to Allah is avoiding what Allah forbade.

Some said that it is thanking Allah in good times and that patience with trials is Zuhd.

Some of them said that blessings continue as long as you thank Allah and they disappear when you are ungrateful.

Umar bin abdul Aziz said, remembering blessings is considered as being grateful for them.

Be grateful to the King with your tongue and your acts of worship and avoid what He has forbidden so that we may be grateful to Him.

Preserve Your Blessings

Remember, if a person has blessings, they don’t need to share these blessings with everyone! Otherwise they might be afflicted with evil eye. Choose which things to say and who you say them in front of. If it’s a teacher then it’s generally okay insha’Allah but in front of people you don’t know, a person should be careful how they word things. There is a weak narration on the topic which mentions to preserve upon your blessings by concealing them.