Planting the Seeds of Awe and Fear of Allah in Our Children

Planting the seeds of awe and fear of Allah in children is far more important than them memorising the Qur’an when they are young. However, memorising the Qur’an is praiseworthy.

Never Become Complacent

Some of the Taabi’een said that we met over 30 of the Sahaaba and they all accused themselves of hypocrisy!

Don’t ever become complacent. Constantly accuse yourself and never ever look down on anyone.

Understand and Implement

Know that one of the features of the Khawaarij was their tremendous ability to memorise. This is a mistake made in a lot of Arab countries, even by mashaayikh. Just memorising is problematic in 2 ways:

  • You memorise and don’t understand what you’re memorising
  • You don’t implement what you’re memorising.

We say memorise as much as you can, especially the Qur’an and Hadith, but do so with understanding and implementation.

Don’t be impressed when you hear someone has memorised so much until you see that is has been implemented in them.

When the mashaayikh say, when you memorise you’ll become this or that, they are referring to people they presume have clean hearts, where the ilm goes into a safe place. However, the reality is most of us don’t have clean hearts.

What Is Your Reality?

It’s narrated on Sufyan al Thawri (rh) in the book of Zuhd of al Imam Ahmad (rh) that he said if a person knows himself then it doesn’t matter how much the people praise him.

Meaning you know your sins, your past, your ignorance and reality so how can you be fooled when you are praised by someone who doesn’t know your reality!

Know What Is Happening In The Ummah

It is very important for a Muslim to keep up to date with what’s happening in the Ummah. If your heart doesn’t feel anything when hearing these things about Muslim lands then know your heart may be dead or have deficiencies.

A scholar of the past would pray the entire night when bad things were happening in Muslim countries. The whole night in qiyaam making du’a for them.

Unfortunately we are too busy in our own lives and become desensitised to the affairs of Muslims elsewhere.