Benefits of Doing Istighfaar

Ibn Taymiyyah (rh) said:

“Al-Istighfaar removes the slave from doing things which are disliked (by Allaah) towards doing things which are loved (by Allaah); and from actions which are deficient towards actions which are (more) complete; and it raises the slave from the lower status to a status higher than it and more perfect.”


Two Types of Dhikr

Some of the people of the past would say that there are two types of dhikr:

  1. With the tongue
  2. That which is better; remembering Allah when you’re about to do haraam!

Adhkar for Sleeping During the Day

Shaykh Ibn Uthaymeen (rh) said that there is no harm if a person recites the adkhar of going to sleep at night during the day if he sleeps in the day, as long as there is nothing indicating that it’s a dhikr specific for the night.

Doing a Lot of Dhikr

Some of the people of the past would do tasbeeh 40,000 times in a day. This is beside what they read of the Qur’an.

Ka’b (ra) would say the one who does lots of dhikr is free from hypocrisy.