Fame and Wanting to be Known

Some of the people of the past mentioned that a slave is not being sincere when he desires fame and wants to be known.

The people of the past would write to each other and warn each other about wanting to be known!

It’s very sad to see people feeling happy when they are remembered by others and feeling happiness in their heart when they know people know of them! This is from the diseases of the heart and what a great many they are!

Eliminate Riyaa

Do you recite the Qur’an the same in front of others as when you are alone? If you led the salaah or someone asked you to recite, would you recite it beautifully? Do you do the same when you are praying alone at home in your optional prayers?

If the answer is no, then know you have a disease of the heart; riyaa!

Forgive Others to Draw Closer to Allah and Cleanse Your Heart

Before you go to bed tonight, think about all the people that have hurt you or offended you, and forgive them. This takes a lot of strength but this is a quick way to clean one’s heart!

Teach this golden point to your family too.


The Envier

An envier flatters you face to face, backbites when you are not there and rejoices when a calamity befalls you! So if you have envy in your heart for anyone, repent!

There is no-one that doesn’t feel envious, as mentioned by a scholar of the past, but the clever one is the one who conceals it, repents, speaks good of the person and makes du’a for them!

Take Responsibility Before You Destroy Your Heart

The quickest way to destroy the heart is to let the gaze wander.

Don’t blame the opposite gender, take responsibility for your own actions!

Riyaa (Showing off) Can Destroy A Heart

Do you recite the Qur’an in the same manner as you do in front of others as when you are alone?

If you led the salaah or someone asked you to recite the Qur’an would you recite beautifully?

Do you recite the same when you are praying alone at home in your optional prayers? If the answer is no then know you have a disease of the heart which is riyaa! (showing off)


Not Following One’s Desires

Remember, for a student of knowledge, it’s vital that they follow a Madhab at the beginning of their studies in order to have a firm ground.

However, the issue arises when some begin to follow the odd views of each Madhab when something doesn’t follow their desires.

There were thousands of great scholars and none is always right and once in a while, they might have a strange view, following these odd views show a person is following their desires and this is a disease of the heart.

A scholar of the past said music is allowed with conditions. So people are very quick to quote him and support this but in reality they don’t follow anything else from him! As he was dhaahiri and they give everything its literal meaning which means many Sunnan would become obligatory.

Be consistent and don’t follow your desires, as the ulema say the one who follows the slip ups of the scholars of the past, could be misguided and could leave the religion!