An Example of a Disease of the Heart

If someone has more focus in their optional prayers than in their obligatory prayers.


Not Letting Jealousy Overtake You

If you see someone with a blessing; children, wealth, health or something you’ve always wanted, don’t let jealousy darken your heart.

Say maasha’Allah tabaarkAllah!

Teach this to others as it’s very common for people to become jealous.

Jealousy/envy are from the characteristics of Shaytaan! For those that know the signs of jealousy, it’s clear when someone is jealous of another person.

Some signs a person is jealous:

  • Not saying maasha’Allah tabaarkAllah!
  • Always speaking badly about the person
  • Always looking for their mistakes
  • Never making excuses for the person
  • Being happy when the person slips up or something bad happens to them

This can happen to anyone, as it even occurred amongst the sons of a Prophet! The clever one is the one who saves himself from it!

A Clean Heart Will Lead You to Jannah

One of the reasons why a person will go to Jannah is by having a clean heart. One of the ways to clean your heart is to remove hatred.

Try to think about anyone that’s ever offended you or done anything bad to you and then forgive them.

This doesn’t mean that you have to be best friends with them if it’s someone you don’t naturally get along with but remove that hate from your heart.

Looking Down on Others

Just because you see someone not doing something you do doesn’t mean you are better than them! This is arrogance. For example, they don’t have a beard and you do, or they don’t wear a niqaab and you do.

How do you know that they don’t do other good actions? This could be a weakness they have and you looking down on them is arrogance, which is an even greater sin!

A narration that comes to mind is about the woman who prayed her obligations and nawaafil and yet she will still be in the Hellfire due to harming her neighbour.

Don’t look down on anyone.

Cleanse Your Heart from Jealousy

Seek blessings from Allah when you see something that amazes you, whether from yourself or others.

Your inability to do so, when seeing someone do well or in relation to a blessing they have, can indicate envy in one’s heart.

It usually occurs with people in the same field such as seeking knowledge or with each other’s children or within the same professions and so on.

Make du’a for the person instead and cleanse your heart from this jealousy.

Being Better in Private than in Public

The diseases of the heart are many and are far worse than many actions of the limbs. People with diseases of the heart usually have a different side to them behind closed doors and it occasionally flares up in public with something they say or do.

This is why some of the righteous of the past have said that a sign of sincerity is being better behind closed doors than you are in public.

Making Du’a for the One You are Jealous of

Whenever you feel jealous of someone and you wished that they didn’t have something that Allah has blessed them with, instead of speaking evil about them, make du’a for the person that Allah increases them in this good.

This can be with wealth, knowledge, status, a job. Whatever it is, as soon as you sense the jealousy, make du’a for them!