Master Your Stomach

The people of the past would say, the one who overpowers their stomach, will be able to do more righteous actions and be strong in their religion.

Umar (ra) said, be careful of what you eat, things which bloat the stomach makes a person lazy in prayer and gives illnesses and diseases.

Hassan said, the crisis of our father was that he ate at the wrong time and this will be our crisis until the Last Day!

Yusuf ibn Asbat said, hunger softens the heart.

  • This was the way of the Prophets.

Al Amash said, if you dishonour your stomach, it’ll honour you.

Malik ibn Dinar said, a person who masters his stomach, masters all righteous actions.

Wisdom doesn’t settle in a stomach that is full.

Shaafi’ee (rh) said, I haven’t bloated (meaning over-eaten) for 16 years, except once and I vomited myself as bloating makes a heart heard, reduces intelligence, induces sleep and weakens one in ibaadah.

Excessive Joking

If he’s lying then he will be sinful. On top of that he is causing fitnah and too much talk hardens the heart. As does too much joking.

A joker is never taken seriously especially in matters of religion.

And if he is making jokes of sins which the other has done and repented from, he will most likely be afflicted by it.

Leaving That Which Doesn’t Concern A Person

قال رجل لعبد الله بن المبارك رحمه الله : أوصني !! قال:
اترك فضول النظر توفّق للخشوع ، واترك فضول الكلام
توفّق للحكمه ، واترك فضول الطعام توفّق للعباده ، واترك
النظر في عيوب الناس توفّق للاطلاع على عيب نفسك .