Having Lofty Goals

Ibn al Jawzi (rh) mentioned that he read over 20,000 books, would finish the Qur’an every week and would advise his son to pray two Juz a night for Qiyaam ul Layl. Over 100,000 repented due to his reminders and sermons.

He would say that he wanted to master every Islamic science and write over a thousand books, according to Ibn Taymiyyah (rh).


Staying Focused on Your Goals

Just because we are praying and doing good today doesn’t mean we will be praying and doing good in the future. For example, those that were doing da’wah 10 years ago, few have survived. People that were once practicing, now no longer practice or no longer seek ilm (knowledge).

Especially those that aren’t married and aren’t working full time, these things will eat into a person’s life so they need to always be sharp and make the most of their time. They need to realise that life isn’t always the same and to be prepared for challenges.

We Will Be Asked About Every Moment

Don’t make money your goal. Saving up for the sole purpose of this life, for example, having your own house and so on is designed to take a person away from the remembrance of Allah.

It’s important to work but balance is also important. And what do most people do with their money? Build great projects for their akhirah? Or save and save and save and then…?

Think carefully. We will be asked about every moment so use it in the obedience of Allah as much as possible. Do what you need to financially without it being at the expense of getting closer to Allah. We can’t read a juz (chapter) of the Qur’an a day but we can do extra hours preparation at home for work.

Working Hard To Achieve Something

Some of the people of the past would say that if someone seeks something, working hard and with sincerity, he will obtain it and if not all of it then at least some of it.

Make Your Goals To Seek The Pleasure of Allah

A sheikh mentioned that a person who doesn’t get used to going through things again and again, will never be able to learn new things.

If your goal is to understand, to draw closer to Allah, then you shouldn’t worry about which books you have been through, or how many, or that people know how much you’ve studied, or you have certificates or you’ve been through a book once.

Make your goals to seek the pleasure of Allah and then to remove ignorance. Don’t worry about what people think.

High Goals and Lofty Aspirations

The Prophet (saw) said in Bukhaari, when you ask for Jannah ask for firdaws. What can we learn from this?

The du’a shows having lofty aspirations! So we need to have high goals in our lives too! And it shows being specific! So be specific in your goals and du’as.

Having Lofty Goals

Umar (ra) said he would see someone that amazes him, and then he would ask that person if he has a goal, is he doing something, and he said he doesn’t have one so Umar (ra) said he falls in my sight.