Forgiving Others

Before you go to bed, think of all the people that have hurt you or offended you, and forgive them. It takes a lot, but this is a quick way to clean one’s heart!


Different Levels of Fear

Ibn Qudaamah (Rahimahullah) mentions that the highest level of fear is to fear a barrier being placed between the slave and Allah and this is the fear of those that have knowledge.

He also mentions that there is a difference between the one that fears the Hellfire and the one that fears Allah Himself, with the latter being of a higher level!

He also mentions that the greatest fear they had was that emaan would be taken away from them before their death! And they feared that they would be tested with kufr.

One of the main reasons for a person to be tested with kufr before he dies is if he was involved in innovations when he was alive!

A Sound Heart Yields Great Reward

Sufyân ibn Dinâr said: I have said to Abi Bishr, tell me of the actions of those who were before us. He said: They were doing little but rewarded greatly. I said: Why so? For the purity and soundness of their hearts, he replied.

The Heart

Ibn Qayyim (rh) mentions that there’s an alienation in the heart, which doesn’t go except when sitting alone and pondering.

There’s also a sadness in the heart which doesn’t go until one knows Allah and loves Him.

There’s a fire of regret in the heart, which doesn’t go except by embracing His Decree with patience, His Commandments and His Prohibitions.

And if a person was given this entire world and everything in it, this would never fill the void.

Signs of an Alive Heart

From the signs that a heart is alive, as mentioned by ibn al Qayyim (rh):

  • The heart constantly nags at the person until they return to Allah
  • It flees from the dunya and to the Aakhirah
  • If it falls short in something, it hurts the heart and it feels pain, whether it was missing a prayer in the Musjid and so on.

Check your heart. Is it alive or dead?

Cultivate Your Heart

Al Nawawi (rh), quoting someone else, said that the heart needs to be cultivated for knowledge, just as the earth needs to be prepared for cultivation.

The earth is cultivated through planting, watering and being taken care of for a long period of time! So, what about the hearts!

Four Signs of an Unsuccessful Person

  1. A hard heart
  2. Eyes that don’t shed tears for the sake of Allah
  3. Lots of hope with little action
  4. Eager to attain the world