What is Sincerity?

  • Some of the righteous of the past mentioned that sincerity is that you ask no one to witness your deeds except Allah!
  • Others said that sincerity is when one remains blind to his own good deeds.
  • Others mentioned that sincerity is when one’s outward actions conform to one’s inward thoughts.
  • Others said that sincerity is a secret which Allah placed in the hearts of those whom He loves!

How difficult it is to remain sincere!


Anything Done for the Aakhirah Will Increase

The Prophet (saw) had a camel called al Adbaa and he would race people and beat them. Once, a Bedouin came with a young camel below six years of age and beat the Prophet (saw). The Sahaaba were affected. The Prophet (saw) said, it’s Allah’s Law that everything which rises in the dunya, Allah will bring it down.


We Learn:

When you reach your peak, you’re going to go downhill, physically or otherwise.

He (saw) mentioned anything of the dunya will go down but he didn’t say the Aakhirah! So, anything done for the Aakhirah will not go down, rather it goes up, such as a project or something left behind as a legacy!

When something is done for Allah, with sincerity, knowledge and emaan, it’ll increase.

Don’t Judge Others

Sufyan al Thawri thought that someone was showing off and due to this Sufyan was denied the night prayer for five months.

Never Judge People

What do we say / learn from the following two people?

  • A Muslim that drinks alcohol in the streets
  • A teacher who doesn’t take money.

A brother drinking alcohol is from the major sins; yet he may love Allah and perform many righteous actions as per the Sahaabi who would drink alcohol and get punished, yet we are told he loves Allah and His Messenger!

  • Alcohol might be his weakness.

Someone may not drink alcohol but may have ujb! Or jealousy! Which are far more dangerous!

The teacher not taking money doesn’t mean he is being sincere at all! There is no link! He might not take money so people say, wow, mashaa Allah tabaarkAllah, he teaches and doesn’t take money! And someone may take money to survive financially but he has a lot more sincerity!!

Never look down on others. He might have a weakness in public, but you might have dozens worse in your heart.

  • For example, a person may have a beard, yet a heart full of jealousy and love for fame and wanting to be known.

How important it is to read and learn about the heart.

How hard it is to work on sincerity. Always accuse your intentions.

Signs of Sincerity

Some of the scholars of the past have said that sincerity has three signs:

  • That praise and blame of the common folk become equal in your eyes.
  • That you become oblivious of your own good deeds after doing them.
  • That you forget about your reward for your good deeds in the Hereafter!

Ramadaan Series {Day 16} – Short Itikaaf During Ramadaan

Intend itikaaf by staying in the Musjid even for a few hours as according to some scholars there is no time limit for itikaaf.

Shedding Tears for the Sake of Allah

Ibn al Jawzi (rh) mentions about those that cry in front of others, even though they are able to stop themselves, are showing off!

When the people of the past felt they were about to cry, they would get up and leave.