Busying Oneself with Seeking Knowledge

Some of the people of the past would busy themselves soo much with knowledge that they would eat and have a book in their hand so they could read at the same time.

It’s narrated that Shaykh Bin Baaz (rh) memorised a 1,000 line poem whilst doing wudoo and would finish teaching books from the walk to his house and car.

The purpose of these examples is to show that a person needs to busy themselves, as much as possible, with seeking ilm as it really is from the best of actions!

Every second should be devoted it.

The Loftiness of the Names and Attributes of Allah

Some ulema have stated that the Qur’an mentions more about the Names, Attributes and Actions of Allah than it does about food, drink and marriage in Jannah!

And the ayaat that mention the Names and Attributes of Allah are from the greatest of ayaat and indeed the greatest ayah is full of information about Allah; Ayatul Kursi!

And the greatest Surah is al Faatihah which also mentions Allah and His Names.

This shows the loftiness of knowledge of the Names and Attributes of Allah!

How to Make Notes When Reading

When reading a biography of the Prophet (saw), the Sahaabah or of the scholars, how should it be done? Should notes be made on the important points we read, lessons we can see in the text and so on.

Notes can be made next to the text on the side, on sticky notes or at the back of the book, with the most important things you have learned. This saves time taking a notebook out every time.

Understand and Implement

Know that one of the features of the Khawaarij was their tremendous ability to memorise. This is a mistake made in a lot of Arab countries, even by mashaayikh. Just memorising is problematic in 2 ways:

  • You memorise and don’t understand what you’re memorising
  • You don’t implement what you’re memorising.

We say memorise as much as you can, especially the Qur’an and Hadith, but do so with understanding and implementation.

Don’t be impressed when you hear someone has memorised so much until you see that is has been implemented in them.

When the mashaayikh say, when you memorise you’ll become this or that, they are referring to people they presume have clean hearts, where the ilm goes into a safe place. However, the reality is most of us don’t have clean hearts.