What Legacy Will You Leave Behind?

Al Bukhari (rh) would wake up approximately 20 times a night jotting down ideas or thoughts which crossed his mind!

A person needs to constantly think about how they can leave a legacy and help the Ummah.

Work Hard By Doing Good Deeds Before Death

One of the people of the past was dying on his death bed and he seemed extremely worried so they asked him, what is this? He said, I’m about to travel a path which I’ve never travelled before!

Another was asked the same thing and he replied, I’m fearful of death and my arrival to Allah!

Another was asked how are you feeling whilst on his death bed and he replied, by Allah, I’m closer to the life of the Hereafter than the life of this world! Whosoever of you can work hard by doing good deeds then do so before you reach where I am!

Efforts In Leaving A Real Legacy Behind

To really leave a legacy and progress a person must come out of their comfort zone. Meaning if you dedicate a little bit of time to religion and seeking knowledge you’ll get nothing back.

If you devote everything you have you’ll get something back.

Some of the people of the past would urinate blood when seeking ilm as they would travel long distances in hot weather and have no water to drink.

Meaning you have to break you back if you actually want to get far.