Lowering The Gaze

Ibn al-Qayyim (may Allaah have mercy on him) said:

Looking is the origin of most problems that befall man because looking generates thoughts, then thoughts generate ideas, ideas generate desires, desires generate will, which then becomes stronger and becomes a firm resolve, in which case the deed will inevitably be done unless there is something to prevent it.

Hence it was said that patience in lowering the gaze is easier than patience in bearing the pain that comes afterwards.


Lowering the Gaze

Anas (ra) would say that if a woman passes you by, lower your gaze until she passes.

One of the people of the past said there are three desires; in eating, drinking and the gaze. Protect your eating habits by eating from safe food, your tongue by speaking the truth and your gaze by constant reminders (about the fate of those that didn’t lower their gaze).

Lowering the Gaze

✍• – قال العلامة ابن عثيمين
• – عليه رحمات رب العالمين – :

• – الإنسان الذي يطلق نظره للنساء لابد أن يقع في البلاء ، فإن النظر سهم مسموم من سهام إبليس والعياذ بالله فإذا كان الإنسان كلما مرت عليه امرأة جميلة جعل ينظر فيها فإنه لابد أن يتعب قلبه ، وأن ينقص إيمانه ، وأن يقع في أمور لا يستطيع الخلاص منها فيما بعد .