Responding To A Wedding Invitation

There are many conditions for it to be waajib:

  1. The one inviting has to be Muslim.
  2. Only need to attend for the first day if it’s longer than 1 day.
  3. They are not people you are supposed to boycott such as innovators or sinners.
  4. Not an open invitation. Meaning it doesn’t mention you by name.
  5. There’s no evil taking place such as ladies entering, or music playing, dancing and so on.
  6. Not from a thief. For example, he steals and it’s known and he invites you. However, if he deals with riba, you can eat his food as the Prophet (saw) would eat from the Jews who ate from riba.
  7. If only the rich are invited, and ordinary are not.
  8. No-one who harms you is going to be there.
  9. If it’s going to harm you attending such as you have an exam tomorrow, or an interview.

If there is nothing preventing you, it’s Sunnah to go and if it’s a Walimah and there are none of the above mentioned preventers then it’s obligatory according to the majority of scholars.

Looking For A Marriage Proposal

It can’t be stressed enough the importance of the sister’s / brother’s character. They must be pious; pray, cover (for women) and have good character, good character, good character.

The last thing you want are headaches which we have all seen many others go through marrying women / men with disgusting character, or rude or don’t know the husband’s / wife’s rights and so on.

None will be perfect but there are surely sisters / brothers who are honest, gentle, kind, forgiving and so on.

Don’t be hasty if you aren’t married, take your time because if you rush, you’ll likely regret it for the rest of your life.

Rather take your time, make loads of du’a especially before Fajr time if you can and you will be fine.