When to Pray the Witr Prayer

Ibn Hazm (rh) said in al-Muhalla, 2/92, 93:

Witr at the end of the night is better, but whoever prays Witr at the beginning of the night, that is fine. It is permissible to pray after Witr but one should not repeat Witr.

Al-Nawawi (rh) said in al-Majmoo, 3/512:

If a person prays Witr, then he wants to offer a naafil prayer and so on at night, that is permissible and is not makrooh, but he should not repeat the Witr.

What Time Is The Beginning of The Last Third of The Night?

You count the amount of hours from the start of Maghrib to the start of Fajr and divide by 3. Whatever the answer, for example 4 hours, means 4 hours before the start of Fajr is the last third of the night.

This will vary throughout the year / seasons so calculate accordingly.

Looking Your Best For Prayer

Anas (ra) mentioned Tamim al Dari bought an expensive garment just for the musjid for the prayer. And he also had an expensive garment just for tahajjud!

So it’s shocking to see people wearing pajamas and praying! Especially people who are supposed to be students. Some of the ulema say this is a deficiency in emaan.

We also learn that we should have a portion of the night prayer. Even if it’s straight after esha and just 2 Rak’ahs. A student not having a portion of the night prayer is unheard of.