How Much Do You Love Allah?

If you want to see how much someone loves Allah, then look at the status he has given to Allah in his life.

Meaning, someone says with his tongue that he loves Allah, but he knows nothing about the religion, he does haraam, makes no effort to learn, doesn’t pray or rushes through it. These aren’t the signs of loving someone.

Being Better in Private Than in Public

Some of the righteous would say that if a person betrays Allah in private (meaning at home; disobedience etc) then Allah will expose him in public.

Let us make sure our private lives are better than how we are in public, especially with manners and Ibaadah.

Our Love of Allah

Whoever claims to love Allah but doesn’t follow His Commands, yet stays away from His prohibitions, then his claim is falsehood.

Some people of the past have said that whoever says that he loves Allah but doesn’t fear Him, is misguided.

What Is Shukr To Allah?

Shukr is being grateful to Allah by thanking Him with the tongue, and admitting ones blessings by the tongue.

It’s also with love in the heart for the blessings Allah has given and it’s obedience to Allah with the limbs with acts of worship. This is mentioned by Ibn Qayyim (rh).

There are 5 principles for gratitude:

  • Submission of the grateful one to Allah
  • Love for Him
  • Admitting the blessings
  • Praising Him for that
  • Not using the blessing in disobedience to Him.

This is why the Prophet (saw) would stand all night in prayer and when asked why he said, should I not be a grateful Slave!

Relationship With Allah

The way a person is reflects their own relationship with Allah and following the Sunnah.

For example, would a person go to work without brushing their teeth? So how can one go to the musjid with their disgusting morning breath?! The Prophet (saw) would be very keen to clean his mouth at all times and before he (saw) entered the house he would clean his mouth with siwaak.

Another example – There are 2 parking spaces, rather than parking one’s car in as much as possible the person parks in a way that takes two spaces. This shows a lot about that person. The Prophet (saw) would never harm anyone to the extent that removing something harmful from the pathways is from the branches of emaan!

In the Sahih a man was enjoying himself in Jannah because of removing harmful things from the pathway!

So pay attention to everything you do as it reflects your love and care of Allah and His Messenger (saw).