Improve Yourself Every Day

Every day is a fresh challenge to get closer to Allah. The day you think you’ve done enough or are doing enough is the day you have destroyed yourself. When can we ever do enough for Allah?!

Try to improve something everyday whether it’s how you talk to people, your concentration in salaah, praying Sunnah prayers and so on.

Make today better than yesterday!

Look at Your Own Deficiencies

Bakr bin Abdullah al Muzzani said, if you come across a person who knows other’s deficiencies and has forgotten his own, know that he is being plotted against.

Let us try our best to busy ourselves with our own faults and weaknesses whilst making excuses for others.

Qualities We Should Aspire to

One of the people of the past, when talking about Ibn al Muhayreez (rh), said that he had 2 qualities which were not found with others:

  • If there was something regarding someone’s rights, he wouldn’t keep silent regardless of who was happy or upset with him
  • He would never talk about his own qualities.

This shows that he was very balanced, as we are good in one but neglect the other.

Working on Yourself

Make a list of all the characteristics which you have and wish you didn’t such as getting angry too quickly or lying and so on and work on these. From this list, which should include dozens of things, choose the 10 main ones to work on.

Isolation In Mount Hira

Revelation occurred in the mount of Hira.

Why did the Prophet (saw) isolate himself in Hira?

To reflect, ponder and worship Allah. He (saw) was also tired of the shirk occurring in Makkah.

What can we learn from this?

That we need to spend time pondering and thinking about the signs that Allah has made clear to us so we become closer to Him. To also think about our day in terms of sins we have committed.

Having alone time helps to accomplish this.

The Prophet (saw) would spend time pondering so we ponder too over sins and so on daily.


When you feel down for no reason then  know that it could be due to a sin so repent, give some sadaqa and do some self reflection .

The Prophet (saw) would always reflect. Try and see what you’ve done well that day and what you need to improve.

Muhaasabah Each and Every Day

Try to do muhaasaba everyday. This is taking account of oneself. As Umar (ra) mentioned, take account of yourself  before you are taken account of.

Think about what you have done today, the bad points and repent and improve. Have you drawn closer to Allah? One of Imam Ahmed’s (rh) companions said that he was with him for 25 years and there was no day except that he improved from the previous day!