Signs That A Person’s Emaan Is Decreasing

  • Sins and doesn’t feel any guilt.
  • Commits sins which he never used to do but has now started doing them.
  • Having a hard heart and no desire to read the Qur’an.
  • Feeling too lazy to do good.
  • Neglecting the Sunnah.
  • Not feeling anything when hearing Verses from the Qur’an.
  • Finding it difficult to remember Allah and making dhikr.
  • Desiring status.
  • Being concerned with whether something is haraam or halal only; and not avoiding makrooh (not recommended) things.
  • Not feeling concerned about the situation of Muslims.
  • Likes to argue just for the sake of arguing without any proof.
  • Becoming engrossed and very involved with the dunya; worldly things.

The danger of your emaan decreasing is that if you are only completing your fard obligations and your emaan takes a big hit, this could lead you to kufr.

Punishment for Sins

Some of the people of the past would cry so much they couldn’t stop themselves and when asked, they would say Allah has promised us Hellfire as a punishment! If He had said the punishment was being imprisoned in a toilet, this alone would make a person cry so how about a burning inferno?!

Some of the people of the past would say Allah forgives sins but He doesn’t erase them from the person’s records until the person stands in front of Allah on Yawmul Qiyaamah and this is even for the one that repents!