Don’t Ruin Your Good Deeds by Backbiting

If a person talks about someone behind their back, even though he didn’t mention their name but it’s known that he is talking about that person, this is backbiting!

It has been said, the one who backbites will have his good deeds cancelled!

Others have said that the one who backbites and repents will be the last to enter Jannah and the one who didn’t repent will be from the first to enter the fire.

Think Before You Speak. Guard Your Tongue

Imam al Nawawi (rh) mentions that a person needs to safeguard his tongue except from good speech or something beneficial. If he doubts the benefit of his speech he stays quiet.

Imam al Nawawi (rh) quotes Shaafi’ee (rh): If someone wants to speak he should think before he speaks. If there is a benefit then speak and if he doubts then stay silent.

As one of the people of the past said he counted the number of flaws in man up to 8,000 flaws.

If a person guards their tongue, they are protected from these!

The Tongue

‏بعض الناس يشغل نفسه
‏بأمور لافائدة له منها؛
‏قال الحسن البصري :
‏” من علامة اعراض الله تعالى
‏عن العبد :
‏أن يجعل شغله فيما لا يعنيه “.