Blog Update

Asalaamu alaikum.

This blog post is part of the regular updates that are occurring on this blog site.

Firstly, praise be to Allah for allowing this blog to exist.

Secondly, we hope you and all the readers are benefiting from the posts.

The blog has been updated with some new tabs at the top of the page in the form of:

  • Biographies of Scholars
  • Gems in The Arabic Language
  • Notes From Islamic Books
  • Seeking Knowledge in Different Countries

Currently the first 2 tabs have been updated. Those and the remaining tabs will be updated regularly with more knowledge and information insha’Allah.

Be sure to regularly check back in these tabs as the site doesn’t notify readers when tabs are updated.

Blog Updates

Asalaamu alaikum.

This blog post is another brief update on the site.

First and foremost praise be to Allah for the blog taking off and people benefiting from it and then jazaak’Allah khayran to all of the readers of this blog for supporting it from reading it to word of mouth.

Today’s update comes in the form of the “About” page being updated and 2 new tabs that have been added titled “Emotional Videos To Soften The Heart” and “Resources”. Both tabs will be regularly updated when relevant videos and resources are available.

A New Page Added “Structured Programme For A Student”

Asalaamu alaikum.

This blog post is a brief up-date on the site.

As you may have noticed at the top of the page there is a new page titled “Structured Programme For A Student”. This page will be updated with various books to read under different categories.

If you are using a mobile phone you will need to click on the “Menu” button and then choose “Structured Programme For A Student”.

For example, currently there are several categories that have various books listed. This is not an exhaustive list and will be continuously added to.

In the future there will be more categories with relevant books under each heading.

Please regularly check back on that page to see an updated list of books.