Diseases of the Heart [STRUCTURED LESSONS]

Diseases of the Heart


‘Umar bin Abdul Aziz (ra) would have a gathering every night and talk about Hell, Paradise and the Day of Judgement and would cry all night.

In order to remove a problem, you need to know the following:

  • Its causes
  • Its symptoms
  • Its remedy.

Sheikh ul Islam ibn Taymiyyah (rh) mentions a statement of Abu Huraira (ra) who said, the heart is the king of the limbs and the limbs are its troops. If the heart is sound then the troops will be sound. If the heart is corrupt then the troops will be corrupt.

  • The heart must be worked on no matter what.

A reason for the flipping of the heart is due to not working on the heart.

This is in line with the statement of the Prophet (saw) that what comes out of an individual’s mouth reflects what is in his heart. For example, are you talking about Allah and His religion or politics and football?

  • Even looking at something can shake your emaan by increasing or decreasing it. This shows a connection between limbs and the heart.

Side Point: Ibn Uthaymeen (ra) said, if a person doesn’t lower his gaze, he will be tested because he is tiring himself and his heart out. The heart can’t take it as it wants everything; houses, cars and women. The gaze is a poison arrow of the Shaytaan.

  • The Salaf would pay tremendous attention to the heart.

Ibn Taymiyyah (rh) Mentions That There are Three Types of Aalims:

  1. Aalim of Aqeedah
  2. Aalim of Fiqh
  3. Aalim of Purification of the Soul (Tazkiyah)
  • The best is the one who combines between all three.

‘Umar ibn Abdul Aziz (ra), one of the greatest to live, did in two years what it would take others 50 years to accomplish.

  • He would sit after Isha prayer and talk about death and shed tears. This is what will cleanse the heart.

Reminder: Every day you need to do muhaasibah without fail. This means thinking about your sins, your own weaknesses, death. This is a very quick way to get close to Allah.

  • Doing this in the last third of the night is even better.

Benefits of Studying This Topic

 Allah doesn’t look at our images and bodies, rather He looks at our hearts. Another wording; Allah also looks at our actions.

Side Point: We are not belittling the Sunnah such as keeping the beard. Today, people do the opposite; they do the Sunnah but their heart is filthy.

  • The actions of the heart raise the heart i.e sincerity.
  • You will see someone who reads the Qur’an and so on, yet his heart is still weak because there is a problem with the heart.

Ibn Qayyim (rh) gives a famous example. Two people are praying together in the same way, same salaah and the same masjid. Here, the difference in reward is like the Heavens and the Earth. The main difference is the state of the heart. One is getting millions of rewards and the other is getting punished for the salaah.

The Heart Should be Given Greater Focus:

If a person’s heart is pure then the knowledge he gains is in a safe place.

If his heart is filthy, toxic and full of sins then knowledge can’t be stored there and it won’t settle. It will not sit in his heart.

 A Large Number of People Have Problems with Their Hearts:

Hasan al Basri (rh) told someone that a sin is preventing him from waking up for Qiyaam ul Layl.

  • If something is stopping you from doing something, know that it is because of a sin.