Gems In The Arabic Language

Meanings of او

The word او which is translated as “or” in the English language can have 3 meanings:

1. Doubts – تشكيك
2. Choice – تخيير
3. Realisation – ادراك بمعنى بل

So in the Hadith of the Prophet صلى الله عليه و سلم:
كن في الدنياء كأنك غريب او عابر السبيل
the او here doesn’t mean “or” rather it means a realisation. For example, when you say something and then realise that there is something else better than it

Meanings of المبني للمجهول

الفعل للمجهول او المبني للمجهول When the doer of the verb is unknown.

It used for 4 reasons according to the scholars of the Arabic language:

1. للعلم – This is used because we already know who the doer is. For example, خلق آدم من طين (Aadam (as) was created from mud)

2. للجهل – This is used because we don’t know who did the action.

3. للخوف – This is used because we are scared of the one who did the action so don’t mention his name.

4. للخوف على الفاعل – This is used because he’s not mentioned out of fear of the doer himself.